Every drink we develop, is produced with an eye towards improving the health and wellness of the consumer.  That means that True Drinks’ products do not contain artificial colors or flavors.  Our products are free of harmful sweeteners and marketed towards the improvement of the individual consumer’s health.

As part of our operating vision, True Drinks selectively partners with major entertainment and media brands to enhance and accelerate its presence with consumers in the market.  This strategy is reflected in certain varieties of the AquaBall line of products which involve Disney and Marvel Characters, Inc. licensed character images.

To accomplish our mission to create and deliver beverages for families that encourage improved health, we have assembled some of the brightest individuals from the beverage industry, including former executives from Nestle and Pepsico. True Drinks has a board and management team prepared to turn True Drinks into a powerhouse Food and Beverage player.

At True Drinks  we are clear about what our beverages contain (and what they don’t).  Part of that process includes an open channel of communication between True Drinks, our brand partners, and consumers.  We will always do our part to deliver the very BEST product to our consumers and nothing less than the BEST will be accepted.

We welcome communication and feedback from our customers.

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Because True Drinks we recognize that childhood obesity and juvenile diabetes have become epidemics among our nation’s youth.  As parents ourselves, we recognize that children need to stay properly hydrated, and they can only maintain that hydration through the consumption of water and zero calorie water based drinks.  AquaBall Naturally Flavored Water is one way that children can stay hydrated without the calories and other risks associated with consuming sugary drinks. Learn More!



Bazi All-Natural Energy is the only energy drink on the market that contains 20% juice and combines the anti-oxidant power of 8 super-fruits. At True Drinks we have watched  in interest as sugary, chemical filled energy drinks have drawn negative attention and scrutiny, and we are proud to offer the market a healthy all-natural energy drink built around the benefits of natural juice and fruits combined with the energy boost from D-Ribose. Learn More!